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Link to video of guy shock singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mao7lRVMgKc&list=PL47B35790AFA2A021&index=29&feature=plcp

Hey there sparkle mouses, it’s raining outside my house right now and guess what it sounds like? Pee pee. At least it doesn’t sound like poop, or someone peeing out their butt. This week I wanted to do something that would give me the lols because I’m fucking selfish, you know? Sometimes you gotta just be like, hey internet I know you like cool videos that make you laugh but I want to laugh. Right meow. In this case it just so happened to include me getting shocked many many times and now my finger feels weird. Should I see a doctor? Haha doctors are for cats. Anyways Max and I actually sang a bunch of songs and zapped each other with these little gun lighter things that we found at the liquor store up the street, the guy who works there is our friend. His name is Sam. Hi Sam. Sam keeps these gun lighters right in front of the cash register so when you’re going to check out you just automatically pick them up and are like, hey oh my god look at this awesome toy I want to play with it while I wait in line, and then you look at Sam and you’re all like, nothing bad is going to happen if I pull this trigger right Sam and he’s all like, no no hunny try it it’s really cool, so I do and get my finger zapped in front of lots of people in the store and feel weird after I yelp in pain. I figured I would just do that same thing whilst singing songs in front of the internet. Then I bought a juice and some snacks and was like, see you later Sam and he was like bye hunny. He’s really nice you should visit him. Nice people are nice. Marbles is a firework. Titties are excellent pillows. Jenga is a noisy game. One two three four hey everybody look at that German Shepard with his ass in that guy’s face. NASA funds individuals to paint cool little spaceships on other peoples’ nails and then instagram them and send them directly to Zuckerberg as long as there’s a small “fuck yourself” somewhere on each nail.

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