This video is not sponsored by any apps and yes I know I spelled “apps” “aps” in this video but that’s okay because spelling isn’t exactly my forte especially since it took me until I was like 21 to finally get the word business spelled correctly, I just always spelled it “bussiness” because I figured the first two were like your soooo bussssssssy when you’re doing your bussssssinessss duhh and why would the double s go on the end of the word and not in the beginning if you’re so fucking busy, they would go first things first like your fucking bussiness and then I would get confused because I knew there was a double s in there somewhere but was it the beginning or the end ahhhh inner turmoil, better play it safe and put double double s’s because I mean it’s only logical, you can only get half of it wrong not all of it and then it reminded me of a bus coming through like choochoo I’m a fucking bus and move your shit, and busses are “ss” in the middle see bu”ss”es and they’re super big and important just like bussiness is so WHY IN THE FUCKING DICK WOULDNT IT BE SPELLED THAT WAY and every time I wrote it out someone would die laughing and be like OH MY GOD WHAT A CARELESS DUMB SPELLING MISTAKE YOU JUST MADE and I’m like come on dude everybody has those few couple of words that they just always speak or spell wrong until they’re like 45 right because they just make more sense to them in their mind and fucking guess what BUSSINESS JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE THAT WORD FOR ME SO GET THE FUCK OFF MY DICK ABOUT IT AT LEAST MY HAIR DOESNT LOOK AS STUPID AS YOURS and then I also apparently spell the word “aps” wrong as well so there’s that. I’ll see myself out.

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