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This one time when I was camping I caught this awesome fish and was like hey mister fish you’re awfully good looking and then I kissed him on his fish mouth and was like oh my god why did I do that that was so fishy and gross but I didn’t really care because I was like 7 and that shit is so dope and no one gives a fuck LIKE I GIVE A FUCK and then we did other things like hike and catch bugs and even when I was little I would put bugs in my pockets and try to eat them and my mom would do my laundry and be like hey jenna what the fuck little baby girl you don’t need to be eating and keeping bugs because they keep jumping out at me when I wash your clothes and stuff like what the fuck child please and I didn’t really get it because I thought they were delicious, like kind of how I never really understood why it wasn’t okay to just pee through your bathing suit while you’re just running around in the lawn when you’re like 4, someone please explain to me why I can’t just be like pssssssssss okay I’m done, and then I found out it’s because you’re not supposed to and I was like oh so I stopped. But I still ran through that sprinkler like a motherfucker and then we got a slip n slide for a little but my brother broke it because he was too tall and big and my mom said it was too dangerous and that one of us was going to hurt ourselves so we threw it out but we wound up just hurting ourselves anyways playing with rocks and being assholes YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? FUCKING ASSHOLES. This video is about when you get drunk and what your drunk name is and how you just switch the first letter of your first and last name and ball the fuck out and then you are all like woooaaah I’m being so menna right now sorry everyone in the room for my assholery and then they try to forgive you but they can’t because they are people that take life way too seriously. I happen to thoroughly enjoy people when they are their drunk alter egos because they get all buck and shit and then everyone gets cake and tacos from the trucks up the street and we are like yo who has cash?? Lets get street meat. Why are totem poles so smug? Like stop judging me, who do you think you are, Jerome? If assholes are balloon knots are vaginas sideways spaceships? I think so. Mystery solved. Kankle face banana mouse.

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