This description isn’t even going to be that cool because unlike most of my descriptions that just go full blown stream of consciousness I have to tell you something for realsies, I actually shot this video on being yourself and having confidence so there’s like a half an hour of me rambling on and on about confidence and how to find it and where it comes from and all sorts of feel good things that may eventually end up on my second channel if anyone feels like they want to know my thoughts on that too and my hair was all curly just like in this video and I was exactly the same and was high fiving myself in it and then Kermit came in and was all like look at me strut this ass motherfucker you like that? And I was like oooo baby oooo baby look at that you are killing it except I’m like kind of your mommy so isn’t this weird? And he said, nah you adopted me so it’s cool and I was like, yeah you’re right about that much but look out for Jerome because now that he’s seen that square little butt of yours I really think he’s getting aroused because look at the banana coming out of his monkey torso so we took a picture of it and uploaded it to the internet and looked at it on hot or not or something like that and had people rate Jerome’s banana boner but then all of a sudden this little rubber lion came out of nowhere with his like rubbery legs and arms and told us that sometimes lions attack elephants when they’re together because they are bored and hungry and all the cool food is gone swimming etc. so it’s better to just band together and get us an elephant like that episode of planet earth but I happen to like the one that Sigourney Weaver narrates the most because she really does have quite the electric voice I mean who even knew that she was capable of reading a piece of paper with that much gusto, I really felt her words like deep in my heart, I FELT THOSE LIONS ATTACKING THAT ELEPHANT, not just with my eyes but with my ears and nose and then after I felt it I looked on the table and hey looky what we have here a giant puzzle of a booming metropolis with all kinds of people on bikes and in cars and walking their dogs and so much boisterous excitement and joy look at the fireworks in the sky, have I wished you a happy 4th of July by the way, American Independence day by the way for anyone that is foreign and 12 and what are this it’s when the people of the US were all like hey we don’t like being controlled anymore because we thought with our own brains about it like ourselves and decided we didn’t like it so we’re going to do something about it peace out and so they did and they won their Independence technically I believe on July 2nd but we celebrate it on the 4th because that’s when ladies with party hats and streamers and balloons said lets light things on fire today like we give a fuck because merica and then we do it every year and eat hot dogs and hamburgers and spin around in circles while we dance to trombones only, occasionally timpanis but mostly just triangles and some trumpets, a tuba I suppose, brass instruments, those woodwinds really set off the melody but they’re just so shrill and weeeoooweeeooo if you know what I mean so part of being an American is that we only dance to trombone solos while holding a Bud Light in our hand, or a lemonade, your choice, and then after we light things on fire we kiss our animals and re-shingle our roofs of our houses because hey that water damage up there is no joke and it could give in at any second you don’t even know so look out muchacho because that thing is so real and if there was an earthquake we would have to google “was there just an earthquake” but the comforting thing about that is that right when you type it in you see that lots of other people have also typed it in so it makes you feel better about being so reliant on technology and then hashtag woooooaaaaahhh it totally was an earthquake I guess it feels different than what I thought it would be like and life is like a box of chocolates, stop eating all my fucking chocolates. Seriously can’t you go to the store or something they’re like 99 cents and a bitch ain’t one hit me by the way did anyone see that infomercial for the glorified pitcher that you attach to your hair dryer to suck your hair into it like a mini tornado and curl it like some medieval torture contraption that instantly puts your hair at a thousand percent more risk of getting swirled into an untimely wind/hair dryer death than it was before? Man that thing is dumb. For a tandem bike. How shrewd are shrews though? I see this description took a turn for the regular.

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