Doggy Toys:

This is a video of things that boys lie about, well… at least it started out that way and then I quickly got a case of the sillies and started getting more and more ridiculous. Some of the lies include being undefeated at beer pong, various physical tasks like sit ups push ups bench press, being facebook friends with girls, telling a girl she doesn’t look fat, wanting to watch The Notebook, hanging out with your girlfriends family/parents, how many girls they’ve hooked up with, porn, strippers, penis size, crying, how much they can drink, playing playstation and xbox, not knowing who Justin Bieber is, and engaging in activities that would been percieved as less than masculine. Kermit is also a baby deer in this video and Marbles is plotting the destruction of earth with his giant brain (well, giant only in comparison with the rest of his body, it’s really like the size of a walnut. And in comparison with his dick it’s nothing because Marbles is packing HEAT in the pants. That’s my boy! *High fives the Marble enthusiastically* ) My personal favorite part is the end when I’m wearing the Tinkerbell shirt because I couldn’t stop laughing when we were filming it. That’s also the shirt I wore in my first interview ever, I believe it’s called “Jenna Marbles has ‘No Fear, No Shame'” at a local TV station in Boston. The lady interviewing me totally didn’t get how much of a joke that shirt was, it’s a child sized night gown I bought at Target. It still makes me laugh every time. DING. Giraffes make hamburgers in their free time. Do you guys like these descriptions? I figure it’s a better way to make the ridiculous tags that I used to do all the time and then YouTube changed their format so you can’t see them anymore and it’s just SCREWING MY WHOLE SHIT UP so I’m going back and putting them in all of my videos. Like little love notes to my internet friends. If you don’t like them then I would be happy to personally apologize to your face. Not. Ooooo I made a funny joke.

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