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Me love Miley yes me do, me love Miley SIT ON MY FACE for real though I have no idea how this video got so carried away into ridiculousness that’s just what happens when I do my hair like Miley I’m just being Miley I can’t help it it makes me so smiley I love her and she is such hot fire I want to hug her and then kiss her but not get lipstick all over my face but how does she keep it from getting everywhere when she sticks her tongue out I did it and got lipstick all over my face DONT GET THAT SHIT ALL OVER MY DIIAAAHHHCCCKKK you know what I mean nobody likes a big lipstick mess all over their DIAAAHHHCCCKCK it makes for weird times cuz you’re all like oh this is so lovely omg what happened to my diiiaachhhhckck it’s got lipstick all over it and what is happening I think I have a midterm tomorrow but I can’t remember and I’m not sure what’s going on and where I am and what are aliens about and where are all of the space kitties I was promised as a part of being a human and I thought I could at least look at them if not touch and pet them that would have been really fantastic I want to touch their furry space fur and hear their little space purrs and true story one time when I was little I used to love to watch tom and jerry and other cartoons with cats in them and they always had these perfectly symmetrical whiskers so one time when my dad wasn’t around I got a pair of scissors and cut my cat’s whiskers square around his face just like a cartoon and I thought he just looked sooooooo handsome (and he really did) and then my dad came in and was like JENNA WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DOOOOOOO and I was like look daddy I gave Benny a nice little haircut and now his whiskers are fixed like a cartoon kitty just like they’re supposed to be and my dad was like no Jenna that’s not how it works he needs those to make sure he’s small enough to fit through things, now he’s just going to get his head stuck in everything, and it was true he totally got his head stuck in mad shit for like a month and it was all my fault and I felt so sad but I also laughed a bunch because what a careless yet innocent mistake for a child plus have you ever seen a cat get it’s head stuck in everything? Come on that shit is hilarious.



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