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Hey girl feel your boobies those are boobies we all like boobies, it’s also for your health to play with your boobies you know maybe get a friend to touch your boobies. I just wanted to say boobies so many times because they make the world go round and up and down and giraffes are like WAY up there so that’s cool. Good for them I suppose. This video is about people that need to pipe the fuck down, you know who they are, those people that are doing something that you just can’t understand and all you want to say to them is PIPE THE FUCK DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING THE ABSOLUTE WORST RIGHT NOW. I’m not usually so angry. Pwomise. Hey how’s your mom doing by the way? Tell her I said hi and then kiss your cat for me but then also give him a little mini slap in the face for me and say, I know your plotting to destroy the earth don’t think we don’t know your fucking plan you furry terrorist. But then give him a little scratch on his chin because I know he likes it and give him some catnip so he can at least get all fucked up and act like he’s in space. It’s the least you can do for me. Hope your new years resolutions are going well, I didn’t even make one which ensures success. Fail proof plan, bet you wish you thought of that one huh. SHAZAAAMMMM. Is a movie that Shaq is in. I wonder on a daily basis how much he touches his nipples. Guys does anyone have some cake? Need that shit.

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