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Squidge squidge squidges squidgy is an awesome word used to describe someone adorable or someone being a pest just like Kermit, Kermit is a squidge and not to be confused with a squid or a quid or a bid or a lid or a did or a sorted or a morted or a courted or a deported or a sported or a torted or a contorted or a velorted or a triceratops. No, a squidge is a midge that is your friend and a mouse that lives in a house on top of your head. Not a bear nor moose nor chicken nor eye, you guys you guys I baked us a pie made of ginger and go carts and nippies galore, there should be a bucket down by the shore, for you to have fun it we’ll play in the sun and forget all our dicks have these sores. Now one time in grade school I looked up a cat in the dictionary and was like oh hey there what’s this a giraffe or a cat or whose mom? Like what? Sometimes my clothes get covered in fake tan and there’s nothing I can do about it except for think about my deep seeded insecurities with wanting to be the color “uhhhh what…. orange?” Oh how badly I would love to be permanently “uhhh…. is that dirt?” and not have to apply it every day, that would really be fantastic let me tell you because with all the time I’ve spent slathering myself in brown doodoo colored body paint that lasts a few days I could have written a dissertation on how dogs feel so many feels and have dreams and I can prove it because little worm loves to bark and chase in his dreams and he kicks me in the face and wakes me up when he’s having them so that’s pretty much indisputable scientific proof in my opinion can I get that cool science award for inventing and discovering shit yet or what I mean come on that is gold. Also just know that this video has nothing to do with any person named Stephanie, so I’m sorry if your name is Stephanie and now you’re all like THAT JENNA NEEDS TO JUST GO FUCK HERSELF I thought a cool name for the girl that talks like that coming from my face etc. would need to be named something jazzier than my name so it’s actually a compliment and you should feel electric about it. Stephanie *does jazz hands* and one and two and three and four now do a flip and oops you didn’t make it. You fell on your head. That’s okay it happens to the best of us. Maybe that’s just what I’m doing right now. Guess we’ll never know. No that’s not true, I actually know. Because I’m typing this so, I know what I’m doing, what are you doing? Are you going to answer me or what? And where the FUCK is my science award thing I wasn’t fucking kidding. Daschunds can’t swim just ask their dicks.

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