In this video I describe and show how I made our unbelievably epic Halloween Costumes. I was always Britney Spears in the past, but I decided I didn’t want to be half naked and that I wanted to light the fuck up, like a beacon of Jesus rainbow light sparkling in the night. We decided to be Chaz Michael Michaels and Jimmy Macelroy from Blades of Glory (although North and South Korea was a close second place, come on you would have laughed so hard if we did that. There’s always next year). We wanted to be the ones at the end when they light up and do the Iron Lotus, if you have not seen this movie you are just missing out on life.

These costumes were made from Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon. We spent the day Thursday getting all of the materials so we wound up with about a 48 hour total construction time for both costumes. I sewed both body suits from scratch with fabric that I bought at a fabric store on Thursday night from around 7pm until the early hours of the morning and Max hand drew all of the designs on both. He cut the lights out of the tutus and glued on some rhinestones and we took a nap for about 3 hours before starting again Friday morning. On Friday I constructed both collars, belts, and four boot covers all from fabric and foam while Max put the lights into both suits and glued rhinestones on everything. On saturday morning I sewed our arm covers and made final finishing touches before getting out the door at 5pm to make it to our Halloween party. We put our iPhones into our belts with Rave apps on them (I literally just went to the app store and looked up “rave,” anything that would light up and look cool, we actually wound up choosing two different ones) and we looked fucking boss.

Aside from ending up with two ridiculously cool costumes, we won Best Couple Costume at the party and got this really cool mexican tile with a skeleton bride and groom which I thought it was an awesome prize. I hope this video inspires you to say “fuck yourself Halloween costume store” and make something on your own. Even if you get a hot glue gun and some safety pins you can surely make yourself an epic costume. Also, titties.

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