Sorry this video took so long to upload, YouTube le hates me. Some clarification points: this is not Kermit’s actual baby for those of you that are confused by what I said, Kermit is fixed, Kermit will never has the babies. He just treats her like a baby which is very sweet.

Also please do not use this video as a soap box for adopting animals, this is Julien’s puppy, he is a first time dog owner and he was so in love with Kermit he really wanted one of his own. I am 100% in full support of adopting animals, I both morally and financially support them and even worked at one for an entire summer in high school. I know the deal. That being said, I think we can all agree that people getting puppies from breeders are not the problem that causes the pet population problem in the United States. It is the population of human being that get them from both breeder and shelters alike and do it on a whim, irresponsibly, even with the best of intentions, but that do not make a full life commitment to the animal and see them as disposable as soon as they challenge their lifestyle. This country makes it incredibly easy to drop off and unload an unwanted pet at a shelter and they do end up killing many of them. Saying that getting a puppy from a breeder is wrong is like saying your parents were given a choice to adopt a child and instead chose to have you. It’s not the answer to the problem. The people that view and treat animals like disposable entities are the problem so I beg you please, do not use this video to say how much Julien should have adopted a dog. He and I will both likely do that in the future after we are more comfortable with behavioral issues, I am ready to take on an adult dog for sure at this point, however my lease will only allow me to have 2 dogs. When the day comes that I could have more, I’ll rescue any dog that I can (you’re allowed to have a total of 5 dogs in the state of California). But telling people that they “should” do something is just not right. This is his first experience of ever having a dog, he wanted a puppy, and I know that so many of you are passionate about adoption which I respect, but please do not take your anger out on two loving, caring, and responsible pet owners. Please direct it at the despicable human beings that casually get and leave dogs when they don’t want them anymore.

Anyways, puppies are cool and she is Julien’s, not mine, but I hope you love her because I do very much. End rant.

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