Oh my god I’m so tired I can’t even. All awesome decorations (aside from the fuckery I brought with me i.e. my ridiculous belongings) were hand picked out by my magical sparkle bear Rome McElroy, this is her electric tumblr http://goose-n-moose.tumblr.com and her fashion instagram is goose_and_moose she’s pretty awesome. And I forgot to mention in the video that the house I moved into is 100% detached from other buildings, the house I moved from was a townhouse in a building of 5 units so that’s why I had such shitty neighbors, we shared walls and shit it was the opposite of tits. But now I’m free free freeeeeee like a bird inside a balloon. Wait what. And yes to anyone that asks about the What are This Remix, it’s happening don’t you worry little angel mice, it’s coming. I just wanted to do a vlog in my new house first so people weren’t like, no seriously though what are this and where are we and WHAT THE DICK IS GOING ON JENNA I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE WHAT IS YOUR LIFE ABOUT THATS THE ONLY REASON WE ARE INTERNET FRIENDS AND IF YOURE NOT GOING TO BE HONEST AND TELL US WHAT THE DICK HOUSE YOU ARE IN HOW CAN WE EVER TRUST YOU YOU DUMB BITCH!? And so I made it so that you didn’t even have to say that, I just respected our internet friendship and was like, I should probably tell my friends I moved and here it is want to come over and make couscous and play beer pong and do all the fun stuff together? Yeahhh buddy. I don’t have heat or hot water yet also so my hair is going to be KILLING IT for a few days i.e. so thirsty it’s dying, and I’m also not getting cable for like 2 fucking weeks how horrible is that shit. Not cool man I’ve got mad shit I gotta watch and you’re lucky this didn’t happen during Luca’s reign on Master Chef or shit would have really hit the fan and I would have lost my mind, nothing separates me from that Luca bear. But for real Direct TV can go and fuck themselves “oh sorry the soonest we can come is some ridiculously long time away from you enjoying your cable that you pay for because we have our own dicks up our own asses and don’t know how to not suck.” Oh my god I need to sleep I haven’t slept in forever. Have you ever packed up all your shit and moved? It’s fucking exhausting. I recommend just not doing it. Like ever. Make the house come to you. Just figure you the space time continuum and do it that way. Fucking physics man. DUH.

Okay but will you get me a night light? I’m scared.

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