Doggy Toys:

This description is to be read to the beat and song of “Makes Me Ill” by N*SYNC, the greatest band that ever lived and hasn’t died because THEY WILL NEVER DIE. Especially that curly haired one with the frosted tips. How you doin. If you are not familiar with this musical masterpiece it’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUmT07…

Okay now we begin the description:

I was hangin with the marble
Saw you with your awesome little Kermit made me jealous
Oh wait just kidding that dog is mine also
But it’s all good cuz christmas trees are gay


Now I know that chimpanzees are not human
But I can tell by looking that they like apples
And kittens will have laser beams no matter what you say to me come on girl use your brain what are you poop?

Call me a giraffe
If you want to
But I’m only a giraffe cuz I skipped school
Say I’m jumping
On a trampoline
But I’m only out of all the prunes
You can say I’m sliding
Down a rainbow that’s true
Hey look at this glue
You can see all the mini schnauzers are hungry so why don’t you get them boobs

It makes me weeee
To see you six
D nine all of those trees
And you can’t imagine how many smurfs
There are in a cow
Oh it makes me weeee
To see you count
All of the couches on the sun
And you can’t imagine how it feels to touch
Your own hair out loud

Girl I know you like Honda’s
That’s cool cuz I like Honda’s too and you know it
Girl you know that we could drive them together
And pick up our friends and high five their moms

I can tell that you are vacuuming your roof
But you don’t have to take out your anger on Jim
I think the square root of your heart
Is the same as Joan of Arc
I like shoes
So just suck on this grape

Call me a window
If you want to
But I like doors so I don’t discriminate
You can say that letters are stupid
Well how else do you expect to read words
There are many fires in the ozone
Hey Paul!
Where is your wallet
You can toss a slinky down the stairs but make sure there’s no one at the boooootttoooommmmmm

Oh it seems so nice
To go to church
The night before a Sunday comes
And then you’re all like where’s all the cheese
Who brought doughnuts
Oh it seems so cool
To tattoo your face
But you never know until you drink orange juice
How come your brother has a mole on his neck
I need a haircut


It smells so hat in the summer
But it’s winter, winter
It must be weird to be a blanket
Or chair, or chair

So put gloves on to your face, nana bread

It makes cool bank
To twirl a stick
All over the dinner time
And your dad told me that he likes chicken
Did you feed the fish
Oh a fridge is cold
And your hand’s hot
That’s how the big bang theory works
And all of the crayons match your shirt today
Did you bring your smock

Oh the internet
Has a kit
To make your own beaded necklaces
And sometimes the clouds make a dragon shape
Under the crust

There are many pens
Where is your ham
Rub lotion on to your clarinet
And brunette people have hairy calves
Circles are pears


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
Do do do do do do do do do dooooo doodoo is poop oop
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
Pee pee pee pee pee is your favorite drink ink ink


We landed on the moon!

In your faaaaaaaaaaaaace animals!

Hahahahah…. it’s Liam Hemsworth baby, come date all of us.


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