I’m so sorry about doing this, I had a great video planned for today that I will try to make for next week. The sinks/washer all started spewing water early in the day, I knew that it had to get fixed today because of all the horrible plumbing problems that we had had over July 4th weekend, and the standing water behind the washer couldn’t stay there or else it would start damaging everything. The nature of my shoot/edit/upload all in one day catches up with me sometimes, this happened to be one of those days and I couldn’t even begin shooting anything in the house because of all the people I knew would be in here and also needed to physically be present while it got fixed. For the record, after I made the vlog for this video, my landlord and his plumber came over and were at the house for over 4 hours. First my landlord came in and acted like we clogged the sink, which is impossible since both sinks (one on the counter and one on this weird little island that we don’t even use) were over flowing with water and so was the washing machine. This was clearly an underground plumbing issue since everything was exploding, just like it was a few weeks ago in the master bedroom, but my landlord came over with a plunger in his hand, stormed in with some chick, and repeatedly asked us if the sinks were “open.” We were like, yeah they’re open, how do you think all that water got in there? After he plunged away for a while making no progress, he waited for his plumber. Then they were here for over 4 hours not giving us any updates at all, so I sat at my computer and worked on this video while listening to them bang all over the house and tear apart my kitchen. I guess it’s fixed now but I have relatively low expectations for it staying that way, because after the 4th (mind you it took over a week to fix that sewage situation, we couldn’t shower/use the bathroom in there) we sighed a breath of relief thinking it was fixed and now the same thing happened again in the kitchen. This place has been nice for the year that I lived here minus all of the problems, and the fucking cockroaches (like seriously you know you see too many cockroaches when they don’t scare you anymore) but I will be moving and significantly downgrading so I can really save up to make an investment in a home. I don’t even know which place pissed me off more, this current one or the last one. That place was crazy. Sweet apartment, bitch, it has termites and we all almost died in a vent fan fire. Then when the sprinklers put it out and everything of mine in the basement was destroyed from fire/ash/water you didn’t fix anything. You left it like that for months until I moved out. Fantastically amazing stuff. Usually this kind of thing would be a minor headache for a lot of people, or even a moderate one, but because I live and work in my residence, it creates outrageous numbers of problems for me where I almost have no choice. If I didn’t have to be here while they made all the repairs, I could have gone out into the world and made a cool little video, but I was fucking sequestered here.

Okay I’m done, and again, sorry for doing this I know you were hoping for a new video.

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