I’m so so so sorry about the SOUND! I was recording on a video camera I don’t usually use so I could get the autofocus and I totally blew it with the shitty ass noises that dick made when it recorded it and I’m so incredibly sorry. I tried to fix it but it doesn’t really help that I’m super retarded in the head and can’t figure things out in like 30 seconds so I got frustrated and ate a snack about it and gave up and googled it and tried again and then gave up again and then did a headstand but I did it on a really hard floor so then I got literally a headache so then I went into the living room and quadruple checked that Law and Order SVU was recording because I was missing it with my headache and my shitty sound and my dick and all that jazz and then I threw up my jazz hands to the beautiful baby jesus and was like hey man look what I can do with these and wiggled them all around in the air and then did my little kicks with my legs that I’ve been practicing and was like I ALSO DYED MY HAIR and then Jesus said NO YELLING WHILE YOU’RE TALKING TO ME THAT’S SO SUPER RUDE WHO TAUGHT YOU YOUR MANNERS A HYENA and I was like heyyyyy nowwww hyenas are super cool and awesome just look at the ones in the lion king they’re not bad at all… oh wait… I’m thinking of… you know what just forget it hyenas are all bad, just all bad, funny, and funny looking, and smelly, and nasty, and rachet as fuck, and definitely not good. Sorry about that Jesus. And he was like, nah dude I’m just playing you can talk to me however you want, and then I was super relieved because I felt like he was mad at me and then he was totally just joking around, what a Jesus thing to do, what a great guy that one is. And then I was like, hey are you single cuz you seem really cool and nice and are tall dark and handsome and totally my type, and he said no Jenna, I’m dead. And I’m a ghost. But I’ll see you in your dreams. And then I was like, ahhhhh yes of course, you’re way too good to be true. Also Jesus, sorry you’re dead, and he was like thanks Jenna!! And I was like, Jesus, did you see my new hair I just dyed it myself. And he was like, yeah it looks wonderful and I put you on this earth just to be a fantastical little butterfly and man are you doing a good job just doing you, and I was like oh man Jesus that means the world to me. Then I fell asleep cuz I was so tired from our lengthy conversation. Also, sorry about the sound.

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