Unless we speak up, the Internet will become a worse fustercluck than cable TV. Go to http://dearfcc.org to make your voice heard!

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Emily / Cable Rep – Emily Axford
Adam / TV Exec – Adam Conover
Bouncer – J. Teddy Garces
Kid with Headphones – Adrian Gonzales
Naked Woman – Hannah Pearl Utt
Naked Man – George Basil
Startup “Foodlr” Girl – Kelly Marie Tran
User – Amy Bakalini
Ellen Yuen
User / Guy in Horse Mask – Brian Murphy
User – Jonesey Harp
Corporate “Netflix” – Mike Leffingwell
Corporate “Amazon” – Brandon Sornberger
Corporate “Facebook” – Nick Smith
Furry Painter – Mike Trapp
Numa Numa Guy – Joe Spellman
Podcaster – David Futernick
Ukulele Player – Sabra Potter
Guy Filming Cat – Jesse A. Roberts
Female Revolutionary – Mandana Wright
FCC Chairman – Will Leon
Older Rich Man – David Graf
Tom Wheeler – Roy Allen
Skateboarder – Emmanuel Howell
Nose Flutist – Kari Lee Wasoba
Theremin Player – Christopher Renfro
Extra – Gian Molina
Cartrell Daniels
Matthew Yuen
Grip – Michael Sneeden
Batman (voice) – Evan Watkins

Director – Matthew Pollock
Writer – Emily Axford
Adam Conover
Producer – Jesse A. Roberts
Cinematography – Barry Elmore
Editor – Matt Pollock
Evan Watkins
Art Director – Angel Herrera
Hair and Makeup – Heather Grippaldi
Hair and Makeup Assistant – Sara Tagaloa
Script Supervisor – April Winney
Production Coordinator – Sabra Potter
Sound Mixer – Brad Harding
Sound Design – Mike McAlister
Visual Effects – Gloo Studios
1st Assistant Camera – Carson Reaves
Steadicam Operator – Thomas Valko
Gaffer – Levi Kaminkowitz
Key Grip – Jerome Joves
Swing – Zach Andrews
Wardrobe – Jennifer May Nickel
Original Music – Clay Schmitt
Production Assistant – Jake Ingraham
Sandy Paras
Kevin Capaldi
Intern – Michael Sneeden
Jessie Hixenbaugh
2nd Assistant Camera / DIT – Karen Du
Production Designer – Erin O’Donnell

“Gabieh” drawing by Ryou Sakai. Freelance cartoonist and Illustrator. For more art by Ryou Sakai: http://ry0usaka1.deviantart.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/RyouSakaiArt